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Waste not, want not! Why I decided to dumpster dive

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This past weekend, Mark and I were helping to clean up after another successful Perth Relay for Life event (a fundraising event for the Cancer Council of WA).   It is an organisation that we have both been involved with for years.  It was interesting to help out as virtual strangers:   we had both been on the organising committee for this event for five years each (with some overlap).   Mar had been the Volunteer Coordinator, and Deputy Chairperson;  Mark had learnt the ropes while being on the committee, and then chaired the event itself over a number of years.  But now, time has marched on, and no longer do we get an invite to the “VIP” event!   Ha ha – this is actually really fine by us!   We are just happy to help out behind the scenes, and let the new guard take over.

Anyhow, while we were helping to clean up yesterday, I had noticed that in the rubbish bin were a whole lot of cut up fruit!   I am talking seriously good, nothing wrong with it, why are we throwing it away –  kind of fruit!   I asked why, and was told that (blank blank – I will not name the organisation here) was getting a donation of all the left over food, but they would not accept food that had already been cut up.  Well, I decided to do a wee bit of dumpster diving, and in I went…. and out came the ten bags of perfectly good fruit!

Perfectly good fruit!  Glad it is not going to waste....

Perfectly good fruit! Glad it is not going to waste….

Let me tell you – these fruit pieces were BIG.  There were juicy oranges, crispy apples, and ripe pears – all of them, that had just been halved.   Nothing wrong with them at all!   I hate seeing food go to waste, so I grabbed the lot of them (well, I didn’t grab the watermelon, because it DID look a bit sad, and knew it wouldn’t make it through the night).   So this morning I gave Oz Harvest a call – a great organisation that I am involved with.  They were more than happy to pick up our ten bags of fruit (see photo).   So less than two hours later, the delivery van had arrived, picked up our donation, and was then off to deliver it to a deserving organisation later today!   (NB:  You can also check out their facebook page here – give them a like!)   At the time of writing this post, they have helped rescue over 10,000 TONNES of food – helping to provide over 32 MILLION meals.   THAT is impressive!

I have passed on the contact details of Oz Harvest to the person who is responsible for donating the left over food at the Relay for Life event.  Who knows?  Maybe next year Oz Harvest will get ALL of the leftovers!


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May 11, 2015 at 10:09 pm