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Week 1 of being Vegan – the good, the bad, the ugly

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Well, week one is now behind us.  No major dramas, but thought I would quickly summarise some of what we experienced:

The good:

  • Success at our dinner out on Saturday night with friends.  Went for Thai, and had no dramas with ordering.  Pretty much everything in the vegetarian section was also vegan.  Hint:  if ordering Pad Thai, just order it without the egg.
  • Major score!  Finding a Vegan store only a few blocks from our home.   I won’t say any more in this post – because I plan to write it up for NEXT week.
  • Had one of our (militant) vegan friends over for dinner this week.  She was so stoked that we are doing the vegan thing.   AND loved the Mexican themed meal.   (sweet potato quesadillas and vegan chilli served with homemade vegan sour cream – which was a real hit).

The bad:

  • Mark went on a long (100 km) cycle ride, and they stopped at a small cafe for coffee and breakfast.   No more cappuccinos for him!  Bugger, because he doesn’t like soy milk, so he will have to rely on long blacks for the month, I guess.   The breakfast options were there, but not in abundance.  What he WANTED was eggs, but alas!  No can do.   So he settled for a muffin, although he didn’t realise that it probably wasn’t vegan (eggs, butter, possibly milk).  Oh well – he was at least conscious of TRYING to make the right choice, so that counts as OK in my book!   Mushrooms on toast would have been an option, but they weren’t available.   And no toast and avocado, either.   Never mind!   Onwards and upwards.
  • Update on the coffee situation:  Mark continues to be traumatised at the end of week 1.   I think this says more about how addicted we are to our coffees outside of the home.   Oh well – this is definitely a First World Problem.
  • We inadvertently “slipped up” the other night for dinner.   Prepared a yummy lentil salad, and had prepared a simple green salad to go with it.   Feeling a bit lazy, so just drizzled some pre-prepared Japanese sesame salad dressing on it.   After drizzling, I then thought to read the label (note to self:  read label BEFORE drizzling).   Yup – hidden “powdered egg yolk”!   (yuck).   Oh well.   We did our best!

The ugly:

  • Sheese.   For the uninitiated, this is one of those “dairy free cheese substitutes” that is a cross between sh*t and cheese.  Ha ha.  Only joking. We bought it, and we are using it in sandwiches, etc…   We just need to get past the mindset that it will taste like cheese.  Because it doesn’t.  Because it isn’t.

    Not our cup of tea.  Or block of Sheese.   Or whatever.

    Not our cup of tea. Or block of Sheese. Or whatever.

That’s all for now!  Week 2 is now underway.  Bring it on!


Written by Mar(k)

January 8, 2016 at 11:22 am