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Going vegan for January = Veganary!

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Greetings everyone and welcome to 2016!  As we welcome in the New Year, Mar(k) have decided to embrace Veganary for the next month.   If you haven’t heard about it, it’s basically a “thing” where you become Vegan for the month of January.

So!  Our plan is to document our month and see how we go.   We all know that we are more likely to “succeed” with a goal or objective if we are accountable, right?  So blogging about it will help us to highlight our challenges, successes and frustrations (if any!).

Our first rule is that we aren’t going to be the “militant vegans”.  Ha ha.  We are already pains in the a*se because we are already vegetarian.   So for us, the journey to veganism is a shorter road than for many others.   So it should be easier, as we often eat vegan anyhow, and have more than a few vegan friends.   Nonetheless, before we decided to embark on this journey, we did talk about it a fair bit.   For us, the two biggest “hardships” for modifying our diet for the month will be cheese and eggs.   We have already found it hard, in fact, as we had some residual cheese in our fridge (and also a non-vegan dip), so we consumed both of those today (Jan 1), and will officially start “now”… (as in, for dinner on 1 Jan).

We made our first vegan-only shop at the supermarket, and are now stocked up for the next week or so.   Pictured here is a few of the things that we bought that we wouldn’t normally buy.  (NB:  Well, the veggies are all in the “usually buy” list, but I added them for some colour!)   Focus on the front row, people….

Veganaisse (vegan mayonaisse!) - who knew???

Veganaisse (vegan mayonaisse!) – who knew???

  1.  Vegan friendly “spread”.   Good thing we are already label readers.   Because the first couple of what we thought were going to be OK spreads actually had milk solids in them!  But this one passed our vegan friendly scan.
  2. Vegan mayonnaise.   (who knew???)
  3. Soy yogurt.   We don’t eat a lot of dairy anyhow – other than cheese!  But we do occasionally have dairy yogurt in the fridge, so it was time to pop an alternative in there.

So we are off and running.   It will be interesting to see how we go, and if (when?) we fall off the wagon.   It isn’t about doing this perfectly, but more about the conscious awareness that it will generate for us in the next month.

If you are interested in knowing a bit more about it, you can read a great Guardian article here – about Veganary, or else learn more about Veganary and perhaps take the challenge yourself!   Feel free to start anytime!



Written by Mar(k)

January 1, 2016 at 6:52 pm

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