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How being “scared of the Boogey Man” influences government policy. NOT a good thing.

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Remember how when we were young, the lights were out at bedtime, and there was always that fear of “what lurks under the bed?” Is it the Boogey Man? As we all (now) know, there IS no Boogey Man. But that fear of the unknown was very palpable, and can feel very REAL. This type of thinking seems to be informing public policy in Australia, which is really tragic. The ongoing debate about “turning back the boats” seems to smack of being scared of what (or who) we don’t know. We fear “Others”. We fear “the Unknown”. boogey man

Until these people who are fleeing persecution have a FACE, a NAME, and a STORY, we cannot seem to identify with them as fellow human beings. People who are worthy, and deserving, of our support.

This situation is something that we face everyday, as volunteers with CARAD. Both of us are doing advocacy work with detainees at the Yongah Hill Detention Centre. Recently, Yongah Hill got into the press again, as there was another death in custody on 31 July 2015. You can read about the tragic story of Mohammad Nasim Najari here.

Our current government policy makes it legal for asylum seekers to face the prospect of indefinite detention. The mental anguish that this causes has been well documented, and is such a heartless outcome for people who deserve better.

It may be easy for the politicians and bureaucrats to legislate and decide people’s futures on paper. But having to deliver the news to detainees that there are no further avenues of appeal open to them rests with someone. This week I was faced with the depressing prospect of telling a detainee at Yongah Hill that indefinite detention is his only option. That was not an easy conversation to have. And it makes us mad that it needs to be had at all.

The only way for this to change is for the public to speak up about this matter. Tell the government that is NOT okay to try and vilify asylum seekers.  Asylum Seekers are NOT the Boogey Man, and they are NOT going to hurt us. They deserve our support. It is what being a decent human being is all about.  Read more here.

We leave you with these thoughts as we head off on a trip of our own. We will be away for a few months, so you won’t hear from us on the blog for the next little while. We look forward to re-engaging with you on our return in November!


2 Responses

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  1. Very well said Miss Mar, you do good things, Cheers. Sada.

    Sada Illmann-Rhelan

    August 17, 2015 at 12:43 pm

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