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Journeying across America – on bicycle

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Many of our readers know that Mark is a keen cyclist.  In the cold, dark, rain and snow.   Hang on – there’s never any snow in Perth!   OK – cold, dark and rain.   He and his scaly mates are out there, pedalling their butts off 3 or more mornings a week.   They are dedicated.  And a particular bunch of them are crazy.   Seriously crazy.   They decided that it would be FUN to cycle across America!   that’s right – all 6500 kms of it.   Craziness.   Cyclist tired

I know Mark wanted to go, too, but unfortunately our possible house swap in Canada that would have made that possible, fell through.  So he has been living vicariously through reading their blog (which you can also read here).   It is an inspiring story.   Particularly because we are getting our fill of cycling at the moment, as we dedicatedly watch the Tour du France highlights every night.   Both of us are Tour Tragics!   (true story – what can we say?)

The idea of the TransAmerica Cycle Challenge was borne out of Mal’s long service leave.  So after much research and planning, they were off for the ride itself – and celebrated Rodney’s 60th birthday while on the road.   What a great way to spend your 60th birthday!   Cycling 6500+ kilometres!   Wow.

The reason we are giving these crazy folks a bit of a plug here, is because they are not only doing this for their own (health) good, but they are also raising money in the process for a great cause – Wheelchairs for Kids.   It is a great cause, and they are now in their final stages of the ride.   Only about five more days of cycling to go.  If you are interested in learning more, and maybe even donating to this great cause, you can click here.

Well done to all!  We have been watching your progress with amazement, wonder, and RESPECT.


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