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Goolarri Media Enterprises

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Every now and again, Mar(k) are very happy to give a plug to an outstanding (and worthy!) not-for-profit organisation that is doing some fantastic work. We would like to draw your attention to Goolarri Media Enterprises, who have been nominated in SGIO’s People’s Choice Awards for The Sound Environment Project.  Goolarri is an indigenous-owned media organisation that supports the development of indigenous and non-indigenous communications in the Kimberley.

As the link below explains, the Sound Environment radio show will produce stories for broadcast and podcast featuring inspiring Broome area environmental projects and the passionate people who run them. Goolarri Media Enterprises aims to promote local environmental initiatives, encourage listeners to get involved, build awareness of environment and sustainability issues, and celebrates the community’s achievements.

If their funding was doubled or tripled through the People’s Choice Award, the number of stories produced for broadcast and podcast would be increased and the project expanded into the greater West Kimberley area.

Every vote will help, people! So if you don’t mind, you can help out a very worthy group in the Kimberley by simply clicking here, and voting for them!  Voting is until the end of July.

Thanks very much in advance, for your support! I will provide an update in early August once we find out if they are the fortunate winners of this award.

As an aside, one of the reasons we often support certain not-for-profit enterprises is because of personal knowledge of the people working within the organisations themselves.   It is just a good business / investment model from our perspective;  if you know the people well, you know the money will be well spent, and that every dollar will be put to good use.   In this particular case, if you watch the video associated with the voting, you will “meet” Kat Taylor, who is the lovely “poster girl” for Goolarri.  We first met Kat earlier this year when we were on a development-based study tour in Southern India.  She is a very committed, hard working young woman who deserves your support.   Here is a pic of Kat and Mark enjoying learning and sharing with a children’s college in southern India.

Kat and Mark with some of the students at the Pipal Tree Children's School in southern India

Kat and Mark with some of the students at the Pipal Tree Children’s School in southern India


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