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Celebrating some inspiring Indigenous Australians

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Time to start celebrating the positive side of Indigenous CultureSo much of the time, it seems that mainstream media is filled with bad news stories.  And sometimes those news stories help to formulate our views and beliefs about certain groups, certain situations, etc.   If we don’t have any direct exposure to a certain group, for example, then what we hear and see in the media may be our only exposure to those groups of people.

In Australia, there seems to be a plethora of negative news stories that crop up when dealing with Indigenous Australians.  Most of us would be familiar with the common news clips about high rates of incarceration for Indigenous people, poorer health outcomes (see Close the Gap for more information about this one), lower educational achievements, and the list goes on.  But the dealings that we have had with Indigenous Australians have largely been positive.  And we wonder where these good news stories are.   So today we wanted to share with you some very inspiring snapshots of some great work that is being done by 20 inspiring Indigenous Australians. Check it out here.

And finally, on a slightly more humourous note, I did also want to share this with you.  Its not really “related” to the above, per se.   But if I had a penny for every time I have had this conversation, I would definitely be a wealthy woman!   Check it out, it is good for a laugh.  Be sure to watch the off-takes at the end as well.   Hope you guys all have a fabulous day!



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