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What is a Good Life?

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Mar(k) are recently back from a six week trip that saw us immersed in life in Myanmar (Burma) and southern India.  Undoubtedly one of the trip highlights was a two week “study tour” which focused on visiting a number of development initiatives in the Karnataka and Kerala states in southern India.  This trip was facilitated by Community Aid Alliance, which was a forerunner to the Oxfam Australia we know today.  We were really impressed with the quality of projects that we saw;  all being run by locals through small NGO’s.  Also inspiring were the people who have dedicated literally decades of their lives helping others.  It was truly inspiring, and did give us food for thought about what it means to have a “good life”.

These fabulous women were pilgrims to a Hindu temple we visited.  Enjoying the good life!

These fabulous women were pilgrims to a Hindu temple we visited. Enjoying the good life!

So over the next number of posts, we will be focusing on highlighting some of the experiences and stories that we would like to share as a result of our “What is a Good Life” tour.

As we do that, and as many of you would already know – the issues of development are complex.  If there were easy answers, far greater minds than yours or mine, would have already solved the global issues of poverty, sanitation, health, education, etc.   So for today, we would just like to leave you with some food for thought about where our clothing comes from:   more likely than not, from a developing country.  There are no easy answers, and this short video highlights the complexities of the garment industry (particularly in Bangladesh).  Watch the one with Jasmine at the front – it is definitely worthwhile, and we would welcome your comments!

The short video also highlights some more of what we will be discussing this year on our blog;  the concept of minimalism.  The concept of enjoying experiences, rather than mindless consumption.  The joy of a human BEING, rather than a human DOING.  More conscious living, so that we can leave the world just a little bit better than the way we found it.   Who knows?  Maybe this is the way we can find our own “good life”.   Stay tuned!


Written by Mar(k)

February 6, 2014 at 9:41 am

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