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Water – worth fighting for!

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Even Australia's marsupials know how important water is!  Definitely worth fighting for!

Even Australia’s marsupials know how important water is! Definitely worth fighting for!

I have often commented to various friends that I reckon the next world war will be fought – not over oil or oppression, but over something that we really can’t live without – water!   Living in Western Australia, where drought seems to be the norm, rather than the exception, I really do have a strong appreciation for just how precious a resource good old H2O is.

Recently, Mark and I spent some time at the World Heritage Listed Ningaloo Coast, which has one of the longest near-shore reef systems in the world.   The area is famous for many things, including being the place where various endangered species of turtle come to nest, where you can swim with the whale sharks, and also witness the annual migration of the humpback whale, as they make their way from Antarctica up to the Kimberley where they calve.   Needless to say, there are a lot of amazing things to be seen when one is visiting the area!

So we were up in Exmouth, celebrating a “special birthday”, and so we decided to treat ourselves to some eco-luxury at Sal Salis Resort, which is actually located within the Cape Range National Park itself.  We were most impressed with what a strong commitment Sal Salis has to the environment.   In fact, in order for them to even be PERMITTED to be in the National Park, they need to work closely with the Department of Environment and Conservation to ensure that they leave as low an environmental footprint as possible.   And part of that footprint is about minimising the use of water at the resort – because every drop that comes in needs to be transported from the town of Exmouth!

These great showers really helped to focus the mind on water conservation.   20 litres per guest, per day

These great showers really helped to focus the mind on water conservation. 20 litres per guest, per day

So that really helps to focus the mind, when you know that every drop you are using has been brought in especially for you!    So what Sal Salis does is provide 20 litres per day for each guest at the resort.   And guess what?   It’s enough.   You need to focus.   No, you can’t sit under a shower for a long time, and in fact, if you have long hair (like I do), the process is something like this:    Wet hair.  Shut off water.   Shampoo hair.   Turn on water.   Lather up.  Turn off water.   Continue to lather.   Turn on water.   Rinse hair.   Turn off water.   Add conditioner.   Turn on water and rinse. TURN OFF WATER.

But it CAN be done.   Ningaloo is such an amazingly diverse place, and it felt like such a privilege to be RIGHT THERE.   I loved the fact that we were constantly reminded about the water usage issue.   Because it is IMPORTANT!    It also highlighted to me how many ways we can minimise water consumption in our day to day lives.   I hope that after reading this post, you will think about ways that YOU can make a difference in the amount of water you consume each day.   I’d love to hear about some of the ways that you are reducing water in your own lives!


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