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Factivism: Eradicating Extreme Poverty – can it be done?

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The Shox have just watched a very empowering video which you can also watch by clicking here.   This is a TED talk which talks about the POWER OF THE PEOPLE.   The message here is that extreme poverty CAN be eliminated, and it can be done within our lifetimes.

power of the people

For those of us who work in development, it can be very disheartening sometimes to read/listen/watch the media machine churn out the bad news stories.   Floods, famine, subsistence farming, drought, and more.   But the fact of the matter is – there ARE some good news stories out there, and they need to be shared.   Facts like the huge success that the use of anti-retroviral drugs has had in halting / stopping the spread of AIDS, particularly in children.  Facts like the decrease in some countries of the killer malaria by up to 75%.   Facts like the decline in child mortality.  Facts like the POSSIBILITY that we could live in a world by 2030 that has eliminated extreme poverty (which is defined as those who live on less than $1.25 per day).   This is all exciting, good news stuff!  And unfortunately, for some reason, these stories don’t sell.  But it is important for people to know that there IS hope, and that the good work that so many great NGO organisations do, really can (and do!) make a difference.

So we just wanted to help put it out there, to help spread the word – that extreme poverty CAN be overcome, and we can all help to make it happen.

We would love to hear what sort of things YOU are doing to help make this world a better place for everyone!    Thanks for reading, people!


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