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Great work being done in the Upper East Region – RISE Ghana

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For many people who have been to Ghana, they may think of the Upper East Region as the home of the amazing Fra Fra music!   This is so true, and it is wonderful to get a taste of this traditional music.   But there is also some excellent development based work going on in this region of the country that people should be aware of.   One such organisation is called RISE Ghana (Rural Initiatives for Self Empowerment – Ghana).   We like this organisation because it is a grass roots organisation, run by committed locals who are passionate about the development issues they represent for disadvantaged others.   As their website states, they are “a group of young environment and human rights activists who were concerned about the widespread poverty, environmental degradation, failed approaches and widespread human rights violations. Desirous of influencing change, they decided to advance human rights and promote environmental sustainable practices.”

RISE Ghana has a number of good initiatives being run at the moment, including a project to help eradicate tuberculosis in the country.   Local media source Ghana Web has reported that this newly launched project will help not only people with tuberculosis, but also health advocates, local media, and other service providers to come together to try to find ways to stop the spread of TB in the region.   Further information about this new initiative can be found here or here.

Rise Photo2

Although the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are sometimes out of the “spotlight” in Western cultures, they remain very much a focus of efforts in developing countries.  Tackling tuberculosis is one of the ways that Ghana can move towards achieving its MDG’s, so we applaud this initiative.   As with all large and complex goals, the responsibility does not lie with only one group (ie: the government) or one organisation.   Instead, it takes the concerted cooperation of many different people to come together to look at ways of reaching these tough targets.

Another worthy initiative that RISE Ghana is leading is towards greater peace in the Bawku region which has been plagued by conflict over the last number of years.   More details about the actions being taken for peace, justice and accountability in Bawku can be found here.

This is one organisation which deserves to be funded.   This organisation has been formed after identifying a need to create an enabling environment for disadvantaged people to harness their full potential to influence change, realize their rights, access/control resources to make the desired improvements in their lives.    Good luck to you, RISE Ghana!


Written by Mar(k)

February 18, 2013 at 6:57 pm

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