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From Little Things, Big Things Grow

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These may be the lines of a popular Paul Kelly song, but they will also serve to outline a few unlikely links in the Shox’s lives these days!   We’ll draw a link between our garden (of which we are most proud!) and some of the work we are doing up in the East Kimberley (of which we are even more proud!)

First of all, we had an amazing display from one of our native plants a few months ago!   Every morning during summer (and spring, and autumn, come to think of it!) we enjoy our morning breakfast outside in our enclosed patio area.  It is a good opportunity to take in some fresh air, and enjoy the fruits of our labour by enjoying watching our garden grow – literally!

One of our plants in particular, really puts on an awesome display when it flowers.   It spends most of its year placidly looking like a spiky plant.  But when it comes to flower, in literally a matter of days, it starts to sprout up a shoot from its centre (see figure 1).

Figure 1 – The shooting process begins…

This shoot then starts to branch off, in preparation for flowering (see figure 2).

Figure 2 – in preparation for flowering….

Then we get the full blow, awesome display of flowers which is really quite sensational, don’t you think?  (figure 3)

Figure 3 – what a thing of absolute beauty!!! (don’t you agree??)

This whole process, from no shoot, to full flowering, takes about 10 days!  It is amazing.  The shoot literally grows almost before our eyes!   It grows on average of about 10 cm or so A DAY!!!   Amazing.

This reminds us of some of the work we are doing up in the East Kimberley, working with some of the new Directors, and giving some Governance Training.  Working with these guys has been absolutely fantastic.   They are really wonderful to work with, and lap up the knowledge like sponges!  We really enjoy our time with the guys, and share more than a few laughs, while we all learn and grow.

It reminds us of how a little bit of nurturing, and in the right environment, you can really see results!   As in the garden, so in the Kimberley….


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