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Great Ghana Scrabble Championship – results are in!

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It’s been a long time coming but we can finally announce the result of the “Great Ghana Scrabble Championship”. I regret to report that after taking a commanding lead of 5 -1 (remember a round is won by the first player to record 21 victories by a margin of at least 2), Mark dropped the bundle completely and “allowed” Mar to level the score at 5-5. More impressive is the fact that the sicker Mar got, the better she played…..or was that just Mark taking pity on her?….. I’m afraid not.

All is all in our 12 months in Ghana we played 394 games of scrabble and unbelievably, we each won 197 games! The overall results are shown in the chart below, which clearly demonstrates Mar’s remarkable comeback.

Some of the 7 (or more) lettered words used in the last 6 rounds were: bickered, section, unrisked, tossing, inroads, rehoning, retains, soaring, whittled, patties, invoiced, lusting, armoire, slanting, dancers, trainees, gunnel, blender, gutters, refuted, mobiles, spoiler, requests, mangers, existent, annexes, refiring, mentions, layering, foisted, receipts, textile, lattices, fetter, harriers, viceroys, gelatin, visages, duodenum, greeting and pointer!

Bring on the next competition!


Written by Mar(k)

May 17, 2011 at 4:22 pm

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