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No Pain, No Gain…. nothing new there….

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OMG.  We find it staggering that there is still a debate raging within Australia as to the merits (or not) of putting a price on carbon.  The NIMBY’s are out in force (Not in My Low Polluting Green Friendly Carbon Neutral Backyard, thank you very much!!!).  How staggering is it that people *say* they are supportive of reducing their carbon footprint, but can’t make that (hardly monumental) leap to actually DO something!  

It’s true people – a carbon tax WILL hurt… and it SHOULD hurt!   We were the ones that got ourselves into this mess to start with…. so we should be the ones paying the price!   Now, of course this means business should pay more than we every day folks.  Fair enough.  But we all have to shoulder the burden. 

Trying to make a difference without any inconvenience is just a pipe dream.  If we want genuine change, we have to MAKE IT HAPPEN.  Sitting back and pointing the finger at everyone else is just lame.  The time is now!  The future of our planet deserves every last one of us to make a commitment.  And it is time for governments to start taking a longer term view on effective policy, rather than just blowing with the political (warming) winds of the day. 

Come on, Julia Gillard!  DO SOMETHING!   Yes, it’ll hurt us all a little bit now – but it certainly beats an alternative where there is no future to contemplate!


Written by Mar(k)

April 29, 2011 at 7:12 pm

3 Responses

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  1. It’s pretty hard to just sit by and watch politicians argue important issues into nothingness, isn’t it?

    Let’s put all that pent up rage to good use – and vote for me as Dictator! Of course, i’d be a Benign Dictator, and would not introduce a carbon trading system at all… i’d stop spending $44bn on improving internet speeds, and instead would direct the establishment of an Australian think-tank dedicated to alternative energy technology. You could convince an awful lot of clever people to don their thinking caps with that much money – adn chances are you’d put Australia at the top of the global energy food chain…

    and i’d use the country’s current excellent financial position to obtain global funding for the replacement of our brutally polluting electricity generation system with whatever is decided is the best commercially feasible/low emmitting alternative – right now. And the country would have to put up with a tax levy specifically to pay for that. i’d even call it a carbon tax, so everyone knows how much they are contributing.

    And in one go, i’d have made a paradigm shift in Australia’s emissions – beyond anything that token bits and pieces could achieve. And i’d have stopped carbon trading being just another tool to be manipulated by speculators. Trading systems sound great from a theoretical economics point of view but methinks they are fundamentally flawed in a scenario where you are trying to obtain the biggest effect, quickest, and in an area where there are massive winners and losers with very heavy political clout.

    On the assumption that i fail in my bid to take over Australia as Benign Dictator, i guess i’ll just have to use the drip of my singularly lonely vote as a lever to gain my most ideal outcome. Except my choice is between one party’s ‘do nothing until the world does something’, and another party’s ‘we will do whatever is required to make sure everyone thinks we are doing whatever is required, with the rider of doing nothing that upsets any component of our constituency’.

    Although this may simply be my cynicism of political processes being flagrantly exposed here…

    Down with political processes! Yay Anarchy!


    May 1, 2011 at 9:06 am

    • well stated, as ever Michael! you continue to be our FAVOURITE ANARCHIST!!! : ) and heck – take heart – WE’D be happy for you to be the Benign Dictator…. and agree – there needs to be something done that is SUBSTANTIVE. taking little nibbles is a bit pointless when we’re dealing with a problem as big and significant as this one is. Tokenism ain’t gonna work here…..


      May 1, 2011 at 1:16 pm

  2. what sense you speak
    Corporates control and dont care .
    Alway screwing little people for more.
    Angling for more is the only way they know take take take
    abd we are supposed to feel in Debt for this


    August 29, 2011 at 2:03 pm

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