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The pyramids are closed??

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We have only just recently (a few weeks ago) returned from a month long holiday in Egypt.  It is hard to believe how quickly things have changed there!  When we were there, the political unrest in Tunisia was unfolding…. Mark correctedly predicted that Egypt would be next.

Mar(k) at the pyramids - when they were still open!

We were horrified to hear that there had been some looting at the amazing Egyptian Museum in Cairo – we feel very fortunate to have seen the antiquities we did, WHEN we did!

Apparently at the moment, they have also closed the pyramids to visitors….  not that there would be many tourists around at present!   We really do hope that the situation is resolved quickly….  Egypt depends soooo much on the tourist dollar…..   the destination is a very worthy one, and one that we hope visitors will soon be able to enjoy once again.  But first, the people’s cry for democracy and having their voice heard must take precedence.


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February 6, 2011 at 10:10 pm

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