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Saying good-bye to RUMNET

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Our family at RUMNET!

Our placement in Ghana was at the Rural Media Network, or RUMNET. 

Mar with her dear friend Nash

It was a small local NGO that has a very small staff of only 5 or so people.  It was very hard to say good-bye, and our final days were very bittersweet indeed.  We did feel like a little family, and it was always good fun to come to work. 

here's where we worked! We share everything! even a desk!

On our last day in the office, we were very touched and surprised when our boss Kassim presented us with a beautiful gift to thank us for the work we had contributed in the past year.  We each received a “fugu” (“foo goo”) which is a beautiful garment that is locally made and very traditional.  We were thrilled with our fugus, and will certainly cherish them back home in Australia!

The one person we really miss is Nash; RUMNET’s very talented Graphic Designer.  He was incredibly hard working, completely ethical and an inspiration.  If the future of Ghana is in hands of people like Nash, then things will look very well for this beautiful country as it moves gradually into the next stage of development.


Written by Mar(k)

October 31, 2010 at 11:36 pm

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