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The Sounds of Morning

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The plaintiff wail of the imam, calling the faithful to prayer will be an enduring sound clip in my memory of morning in Ghana. As the dawn edges ever closer it seems as though my sense of sound is heightened. The honking of the large transport trucks, as they make their overnight journeys from the south, ferrying goods (often foodstuffs) into other parts of West Africa; often Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger.

The gentle cooing of the doves, the raucous call of the rooster. The frogs ending their nights discussion. A young sheep or goat, calling for its mother; a guinea fowl giving its piercing shriek, as it tried to finds its kin.

As the morning becomes ever more apparent, the movement of people heralds another day of work. The sound of motorbikes zipping by, the rumbling sound of a “mummy truck” stopping outside of our window – dropping off the women from remote communities who come into town to trade. The sound of roller doors being opened – the shops across the road beginning their day of commerce.

On weekends, the disciplined clump of army boots stamping in unison, as the soldiers run past, often singing a song to stay motivated on their gruelling training runs.

The enticing thought of coffee drives me out of my slumber. Bur first, I must waken myself with the alarming coolness of a cold shower before beginning my day anew.


Written by Mar(k)

September 29, 2010 at 1:29 am

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