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VSO hosts its own version of the World Cup

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Pele, eat your heart out!!!!

With World Cup fever alive and well, it seemed only fitting that the VSO volunteers would have a football match!  We were lucky to be down in Accra, so were able to take part (Mark as participant;  Mar as official photographer)….

While one team posed for their team shot in classic “happy” fashion, the other team started their tactics early, and worked on the MEAN look to instill fear to the other side…..

with looks like this, the other side was quaking in their (soccer) boots....

The teams divided themselves up, and off they went….  balls were kicked, chased, avoided, and headed.  Without question, the classic moment of the game is pictured below.  Aiden went for the “big kick”, blocked very… er…. bravely…. by Anthony and Terry.   Mark was glad that his defence came to his rescue as goal keeper!  What they say about a picture worth a thousand words is surely true…..

After a brief interlude where cold water sachets were consumed, gulped, poured over sweaty heads, etc… the teams headed back onto the pitch for the final half.

time to rest and recover for an exciting second half!

The final score was an acceptable 2-2 tie, due to Aiden’s classic late goal, when he took on the opposition and single handedly slotted one in (through Mark’s legs, regrettably!)  No extra time was played, as we weren’t into the semi finals yet….   hands were shaken, and the best moments were re-lived over a cool beer afterwards…..(BTW – GO GHANA!!!)


Written by Mar(k)

July 2, 2010 at 11:32 am

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