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Great Ghanaian Grooves

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Recently we headed down to Accra to cheer on the band that fellow volunteer Anthony is involved with;  Tanga Culture.  It was a great night – dubbed the “Ghana New Music Festival”; which aims to encourage traditional music from all the different regions of this fabulous country.

It was great to finally get a taste of the diverse and wonderful music that Ghana has to offer.  Many booties were shaking as eight different groups strutted their stuff on stage.

Regrettably, Anthony did not actually get to perform with Bolgatanga based TangaCulture on the actual night.  Despite his attendance during the gigs that won them spots in the Upper East Region and the Northern Region(s), he was “disqualified” from competing in the national finals, as he was not Ghanaian.  Nonetheless, the volunteers were out in force, supporting TangaCulture and enjoying a lovely evening outdoors at the Alliance Francaise venue.

Tangaculture represented the 3 northern regions, singing in Fra Fra

We were surprised and impressed with how quickly they turned each group around.  Each band was given 4 songs to perform in 15 minutes.  The scoring system, as it was explained to us, was complex in the extreme.  However, additional entertainment was provided while all the groups waited expectantly for the results to be tabulated.

This lady had a great set of.... lungs!

The winning group was jubilant, as they are now going to be off for a tour which will include Tanzania.  A fun night was had by all, and we were tucked up in bed by 2 am, which was impressive given the late start of the event!

If you want to read about this event from Anthony’s perspective (group member of Tanga Culture), you should click here.


Written by Mar(k)

June 18, 2010 at 9:43 am

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