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Watching the World Cup – Ghanaian Style!

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World Cup fever has hit.  Seemingly overnight, televisions have sprung up everywhere.  Whilst in the town centre on Saturday to get groceries, all sorts of shops had televisions blaring, eyes glued to the set (at that stage, it was North Korea playing Greece).  Sunday was the first match where Ghana was playing;  not surprisingly, traffic slowed to a  trickle.  Everyone had far more important things to do, like cheer on the Black Stars!  With a 1-0 win, the supporters streamed out onto the streets, as you can see from these shots taken from a vehicle attempting to get through the town centre. 

People lined the main street of Tamale to celebrate Ghana's first win (against Serbia) in the World Cup

We regularly see many interesting sites, and enroute to watch the Australia match, we were behind a “share taxi”.  These taxis carry many things – but we had never seen two live sheep being transported before!  We were disappointed to note that neither ruminant was wearing a seatbelt…

a few sheep taking advantage of the shared taxi system in Tamale...

We then arrived at the “spot” where we would watch Australia play Germany.  We were surprised to see that we would be able to watch via a “big screen”;  the televised match would be projected onto a white sheet strategically hung outside.  We arrived while it was still light, but the sheet worked beautifully once the sun went down.  Drinks were ordered, and we received little “hats” for the drinks;   protecting them from flies (which transmit, amongst other things – typhoid – something Mar has already had the misfortunate of  experiencing)….  These little weavings are a speciality of Bolgatanga – a community about 2 hours north of Tamale.

Regrettably, Australia’s performance against Germany can only be described as abysmal.  We play Ghana next week, but think we’ll be keeping a low profile for THAT game!

Cold drink, big screen, all good

These little "hats" keep the flies off our drinks!


Written by Mar(k)

June 14, 2010 at 10:57 am

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