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The Hairdresser who makes Housecalls…

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Recently Mar enjoyed an at home beauty salon experience. Amelia, who has her hairdressing shop across the road, was quite happy to mak ea house call, as it were. As always, a simple event turned into a bloggable experience!

Amelia arrived with two children in tow – 7 year old Deborah and Deborah’s 9 month old brother. I directed them into the lounge room – the plan being I would sit at the dining room table to be “coiffed”, while the kids played nearby. Having already washed and dried my hair, I was ready for another braiding experience.

I had stepped into the bedroom to grab something, and by the time I got back to the lounge, Amelia was already midway through breastfeeding her youngster! He was a little nervous about his new surroundings, so was fussing a bit. Sister Deborah was sent across the road for a strip of cloth and everyone was happy once the baby was securely strapped onto Amelia’s back.

The braiding of hair required some ambiant music, and of course reggae is the undisputed favorite genre in Africa. So I asked Amelia who her favorite artist was. Predictably, she answered “Lucky Dube”. As a fellow African, he is still #1 over even Bob Marley! So, with Lucky playing softly in the background and young Deborah watching in wide-eyed wonder, we got on with the task of braiding a Mar’s hair!

The texture of a Mar’s hair is quite different to the average Ghanaian. Amelia quite aptly described it as “slipperier”. As a consequence, the braids will not last the usual three weeks that a local could expect. I am hoping for a week, if I’m lucky. Nonetheless, it is nice for a chance and I think we all enjoyed the experience for differing reasons!

Total time spent: ~ 1.5 hours
Total Monetary Outlay: 2 Ghanaian cedis (approx. $1.60 Aussie dollars)


Written by Mar(k)

June 11, 2010 at 3:59 pm

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