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Ghanaian Fashion

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When one thinks of West Africa, one of the things that often comes to mind is the fabulous prints and colors that are used in clothing here!  Both men and women look fabulous in the cotton batik clothes;  the brighter, the better!

Whether modern or traditional, the bright colors look great!

When there is an “event” on, the women dress up even more than usual (and they always look just fabulous).  The fabrics become a bit more “glittery”, and the headscarf is not necessarily matched to the outfit, but rather complements it.  These women were watching some dancers at a recent picnic over the Easter long weekend in Tamale (THE place to see and be seen that weekend!)

For the men, the traditional attire is the “fugu”  (“foo goo”);  a smock like shirt that is made of woven cotton.  Interestingly, it is (generally) the women who make either men’s or women’s clothing, but it only seems to be men who sew together the fugu.  The men look very regal in these smocks.  Although we don’t have a picture of them, they are also traditionally worn with a cap / beanie;  picture a beanie with a “top” on it (Canadians would know this as a traditional touque).  Often, the beanie is worn with the fugu for more formal occasions.  Here we can see one of the participants at a recent workshop that we facilitated, presenting some of his material.

Traditional dancers - check out the fugu and cool hats...

A variety of fugu colors can be had at the local market

Colleague wearing the traditional fugu

Finally, here in the north, the religion is predominantly Muslim.  So many of the men (particularly on Friday’s) wear a more traditional ensemble.  Our Graphic Designer at work, Nash, looks fantastic (and very handsome!) in his new outfit.

Our friend Lydia proudly displays her gorgeous green outfit.

Nash looking fabulous in his traditional Friday ensemble


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