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A Kitchen Painting Experience…

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Recently we continued with our “house nesting” experience and determined to try and brighten up our kitchen.  We spend a LOT of time in there, as meals are one of the pleasures we share together – both preparing and consuming!   But it was VERY dark in the kitchen, as it had been painted a rather dark burgundy type color.

The house is an eclectic mixture of colors, really; every room is different.  Probably easier for the color blind to adjust to….  Let us take you through the house – a quick tour, if you can imagine:

  • Lounge – peach color – fortuitously neutral enough to work with
  • Kitchen – dark burgundy (unfortunately dark)
  • Hallway – VERY bright green so as to be almost fluoro (we reckon there must’ve been paint on special) – also extends into pantry and one of the spare bedrooms and the main bathroom area Main bedroom – dark cream (thank goodness)

    note the bright green room - that's our pantry!

To add to the interesting “look” of the house, there is quite a lot of “patching” which has been done.  So the patch work is either “untouched” (and therefore a grey / cement color) or else has been “painted”.  Regrettably, the painted portion is rarely even similar color to the wall itself  (ie: see photo of one of our kitchen walls).

lightning fast Painter Mark

Anyhow – it was against this backdrop (if you will), that we decided we needed to tackle the problem of the kitchen color.  It has been on the “VSO request list” for about six months, but we knew if we just did it ourselves, it would happen somewhat quicker…. So, off to the paint store went Mark….

And back he came… with a bucket of paint and 2 paintbrushes (NB:  a third paintbrush ultimately needed to be purchased, as one of the originals broke – overzealous use, perhaps?).  The consistency of said “paint” was truly extraordinary.  We determined it had a viscosity more akin to putty than paint.  This was evidenced by the fact that we were able to achieve a reasonably “white” look to the walls with a single coat!  We were thinking it would take 2 to 3 coats – but fortuitously…. One is all she wrote.

Notice the painted patchwork

We have fairly high ceilings in our house, and no SAFE way to tackle the higher levels, so we decided to just paint to doorway height, and at least get SOME of the benefit of whiter walls.  We were pleased with the result, even if it might look slightly misplaced in a different context!

All in all, this was a very rewarding way to spend Saturday and Sunday afternoon!  Achieved:  white door to kitchen, two small mirrors now white, key walls in kitchen MUCH whiter (and brighter)!!!

notice the line - where white ends and burgundy begins

Total outlay:  approximately 14 Ghanaian Cedis (11 Aussie dollars) plus sweat labour (but hey – we’re used to that!)

The Shox proudly display their painting prowess....


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April 12, 2010 at 10:03 am

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