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Friday’s Football Frenzy

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By the light of a candle (no electricity yet again), we write to you about a little piece of history that was made on Friday night! Ghanaians are football mad (that would be soccer to some of you). Friday night was a source of immense pride and celebration, as the Ghanaian Under 20 Team took out the World Cup. I daresay precious few Ghanaians WEREN’T watching this game against Brazil! We commenced our viewing of the game at the spot (bar) across the road from our house.

Let’s set the scene: we are in the open air, and 20 or so of us are hovered around a makeshift table, upon which is precariously perched a stool, upon which is even more precariously perched – a television. Which either had audio, or video – but rarely both at the same time.

The game was full of excitement. Ghana were at a disadvantage from early on, when one of their players was sent off (red card); unjustifiably so, accordingly to all Ghanaians! Anyhow, the team was then playing one down for the rest of the game. Brazil had many more scoring opportunities, but none were successful. At the end of EXTRA TIME, the score was still nil/nil. Enter the spine-tingling penalty shoot out. After each team had had four of their five attempts, Brazil only had to convert their last shot to win the game. Miraculously, the ball sailed over the net, and after several more attempts by both teams Ghana emerged victorious! Even Mar screamed in delight!

Much merry making ensued. We were astounded at the revelry that continued into the wee hours. The Ghanaians were rightly proud of the fact that this was the first time an African team had won a World Cup, and they celebrated accordingly.

Much of the rest of our weekend has been trying to work around the almost continual electricity outages…..


Written by Mar(k)

October 19, 2009 at 9:40 am

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  1. Hi guys, love the website updates. The photos are handy, and looking forward to more over time, to get a bit of a peak at your local haunts (the Hygiene Spot?).

    If you get a moment, i’d be interested in the matrix that the newspaper works in – is the idea to generate interest in people from the south of the country to understand the people of the north? Or is is more a case of putting together stories, editorial and news for global wire services like Reuters?

    Miss you both – and looking forward to keeping up-to-date with your world.



    October 20, 2009 at 12:38 am

    • hi Michael! glad you are enjoying the updates! will eventually post more photos! promise! ; )
      re: the matrix for RUMNET. at the moment, the newspaper (the Advocate) is published monthly to a country wide distribution network. The info is for all Ghanaians (for info, for advocacy, to highlight development issues, etc…) but the stories are targetted at the most disadvantages – those being the northern Ghana people.

      One of the things on our “list of things to do” is to set up a separate wordpress blog site for RUMNET and this readership would be intended to be to a wider audience. Not necessarily Reuters (at the moment), but certainly to generate interest from readers in Ghana (to stimulate discussion on published articles / editorials), as well as to bring some of these issues to the fore of the wider global community. It is a work in progress, so stay tuned. But will also send the link once it is up and running! cheerio – the Shox….

      Mar Knox

      October 21, 2009 at 10:24 am

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